Oakland SEO


Operating your business in Oakland might not be as simple and easy as you had thought of it to be. Even though you may be satisfied with the results from traditional marketing methods, its wise to find an alternative source in the long run. This is because advertisements are transitioning into the internet. If you would really like to surpass your competition, you would have to think about making your business online as well.

In that case, you might think that your work would be finished by simply creating a company website. While that would definitely be a stepping stone, you would also need to make sure that your target customers would be able to find your website amongst all the others out there. If your content is not properly optimized, then you will not appear in the search engines.

Here are the benefits of SEO.

      1.  Better rankings and better experience for users

There would absolutely be no doubt that experience of users would be a significant factor for rankings. This is because all the leading search engines would like to see good user signals, a website which has been made friendly for mobile use, along with a good integration of videos and photos. All these elements would be important for providing a good and satisfactory experience to users. In other words, this would then translate to a greater amount of trust, higher rates of conversion, and increased brand loyalty.

      2.   Organic search is the way to go

While black hat SEO practices might be something which you have heard about, you might be tempted to try it out on your website. This is because in a short amount of time you would be able to get your desired results. In doing so, you would be missing out on the bigger picture. This is because the implementation of black hat SEO practices is bound to get you into trouble sooner or later. In addition, it could even reach such a point that your website would be banned from operation.

It would be because of this reason that it would always seem like a good idea to generate traffic and leads with the help of organic search. Even though it would take slightly longer than what you had anticipated, it would definitely be beneficial in the long run.

      3.     Higher close rates than outbound leads

SEO would also be able to give you a better outcome than outbound leads. While you would not be able to find concrete evidence to support these claims, it would make sense when you come to think about it. This is because customers would prefer finding their desired products and services through their searches rather than following cold leads.

      4.     Increased sales and visits

The whole point of running your business would be that you could increase your sales and thus profits in the long run. Hence, you would be very happy if SEO would be able to help you achieve this goal. This would be particularly beneficial if you would optimize your website for local searches. Since these seem to be increasing in importance, your business would benefit from increased visit and sales as well.

5.     One of the most effective digital marketing strategies

Even though you would be able to find tons of digital marketing tactics out there, none of them would be as effective as search engine optimization. This is because you would be able to get all your desired results in one package. In addition, thanks to it being so highly flexible, you would be able to add your personal components in order to get your desired results. It just does not get any better than this.

6.     Increased brand credibility

Being a company, you would also need to think about building up your brand over the years. It would be in this way that you would be able to make sure that your customers remain with you in the long run rather than going over to your rivals. Hence, search engine optimization would be able to help you achieve credibility of your brand. By increasing the ranking of your website in the search engine results, you would be able to make your customers believe that you are indeed a good company. By gaining their trust and confidence and tailoring your products and services as per their needs and requirements, you would be able to become successful and rise up the ranks.

7.     Less hands-on strategy

Email and social media marketing are both be highly effective channels in order to generate leads. Even then, you would be able to understand that both of them would require effort over the course of time. In that case, you would be happy to know that the same situation would not persist in the case of SEO. This is because once you would lay down the groundwork, you would be able to trust your software to get the rest of the job done. All you would then have to do is monitor the progress and make the necessary changes so that your marketing campaign would continue to be a success. Even then, there would be a couple of things that you would need to keep in mind. Amongst them, quality of the page and competitiveness of the keywords would be the most important.